Meet the Team

The Landscape Team                          Fullbrook Nursery Team


Ian Ford                                               Charlotte Woodward

Anthony Mallender                             

Stephen Woodward                             

Matthew Rixon                                     Admin

Stephen Binks

Kevin Speak                                        Suzanne Capewell

Louis Norris

Andrew Carter

George Flynn

Ollie Savage

One of the main strengths of G-Scapes lies in the quality of staff they employ.  Whether working on landscape sites or at Fullbrook Nursery, G-Scapes' employees share a wealth of horticultural experience.

Many of the G-Scapes Team have worked for the Company for many years……we tend to keep our staff, so we must be doing something right!  In return, we value our staff greatly and appreciate the tremendous job they do. 

Almost without fail, every landscape testimonial mentions the lads on site. They are courteous, hard working, and liaise with the client in a very professional manner working on a project. Above all, they take a pride in their work, and are totally trustworthy, always ensuring that they fulfil the clients' requirements. 

The most frequent compliment used by our many satisfied clients is that:-

'They are a pleasure to have working on our garden' 

Plant knowledge and expertise is paramount among the Nursery staff.  Their over-riding aim is to grow quality plants required by the Wholesale trade and our own landscape teams.  They work tremendously hard, often in difficult weather conditions.  Their plant knowledge helps them to confidently give much needed advice to customers, whether it is help on selecting suitable plants for specific locations, or information on the growing habits of particular species.  Many of our customers feel that they are dealt with in a very helpful manner, benefitting from sound plant knowledge and advice.The key to their good service has to be their love of plants. 

Please read through the testimonials on our website and I am sure you will agree that G-Scapes' staff are ace!!