Meet the Team

Hi, my name is Daisy…well, my real name is Lady Daisy . My Mater is Vossie from Tissington Hall and my Pater is Murphy from Middleton Hall so I really am a member of the landed aristocracy!!!  But my friends call me Daisy.

I am 2 years old and because I now belong to Malcolm Gee, I joined the G-Scapes team at a very early age, and am now serving my apprenticeship as Head of Security at Fullbrook Nursery.

My main job is to watch out for approaching people, and give a warning bark, but sometimes I get very side-tracked and have the overwhelming urge to chase rabbits, chew plant pots, run after sticks and paddle in the stream.  My boss hopes I will soon grow out of this, but I doubt it!

I am also being trained to come back to the whistle, but often I turn a deaf ear…the Nursery is one huge adventure playground with wonderful distractions.

I really feel that I am becoming a crucial member if the G-Scapes Team.  I am tying to use my initiative so that I earn my bonios, but it is hard working 6 days a week……..c'est la vie, which is roughly translated……it's a dog's life!!