Inspired by Alnwick Gardens

What:A Large Garden On A Working Farm


When:March 2012

More info: This was a large garden on a working farm.   Client brief - very keen and enthusiastic gardeners who wanted to turn a tennis court into a formal garden based on Alnwick Garden, Northumberland.   The client left it to us to use our experience, expertise and imagination t...

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Glorious Herbaceous Planting Beds

What:A large Traditional Garden


When:July 2011

More info: Large detached period property set in 1 acre gardens.   Client brief -To extend the patio creating more seating and useable outdoor space. To improve access to the vegetable area to the rear of the garden. Planting had to be as rabbit proof as possible as the critters were ev...

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Pleached Trees Provide Privacy

What:A Garden With Improved Privacy


When:November 2012

More info: An old Victorian property with a large back garden   Client Brief - a very large conifer had been removed which meant that a neighbour's window directly overlooked our client's garden.  Screening was essential.   G-Scapes planted a series of 10'-12' pleached photini...

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Clay Pavers Drive

What:Fully Re-designed Front and Rear Gardens


When:June 2013

More info: This was a modern house, recently re-furbished.   Client brief - the house is finished….now for the garden!  A full re-design was required for front and back gardens together with the removal of a wide, sweeping tarmac drive.   G-Scapes replaced the tarmac drive wi...

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Elevated House With Country Views

What:A Sloping Garden With Improved Access


When:January 2012

More info: The client had recently had a big extension on the back of the house leaving a 3.5 metre drop to a large garden sloping away from the house.    Client brief - to retain the steep drop and thus improve access to the garden.  The clients are very keen gardeners.  ...

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New Garden With Elegant Features

What:A Fully Re-designed Garden For Keen Gardeners

Where:Burton on Trent

When:July 2011

More info: This was a new development with a typical characterless garden left by the builders - turf and a patio sloping towards the house.   Client brief - a full garden re-design incorporating some level areas. The clients were very keen gardeners.   G-Scapes achieved lev...

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Large Suburban Garden

What:A Garden With Added Shape and Interest


When:April 2013

More info: This was an extremely long, uninteresting back garden with intrusive conifers blocking the garden and light.   Client brief - to open up the whole garden, add shape and interest, but above all make planting a top priority.   The area was stripped out and levelled. Curved...

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Year Round Colour and Interest

What:A Garden For All Year Round Interest


When:September 2009

More info:   Rear Garden - Phase 1 The clients have a large 1 acre garden and are very keen gardeners. It is a new build with a flat, open, turfed area at the rear.   Client brief - to transform a boring garden by introducing all year round interest.   This was achieve...

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Contemporary Garden With Water Feature

What:Contemporary Rear Garden


When:June 2010

More info: This was the rear garden of a new build property which was mainly turf.   Client brief - The client wanted a very contemporary design with clean straight lines.   G-Scapes achieved level changes by constructing angular rendered walls. The paving used was polished sandst...

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Courtyard Garden

What:Traditional Cottage Garden



More info: This was a traditional cottage-style property with a small courtyard garden.   Client brief - to add interest, retain intimacy, and break up walls.   The area was paved in sandstone and a sitting area constructed.  Planting was introduced to disguise the walls, an...

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Terraced Garden

What:A Fully Re-designed Garden With Useable Tiered Planting And Sitting Areas


When:May 2013

More info: A medium-sized back garden typical of a modern housing estate. The garden sloped from house to rear fence and was predominantly grass.    Client brief -a full re-design with useable tiered planting and sitting areas.   G-Scapes built a series of retaining walls ...

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Packington Moor Farm

What:Re-design of the enclosed courtyard of one of the most prestigious wedding venues in the Midlands


When:January 2012

More info: The enclosed courtyard of one of the most prestigious wedding venues in the Midlands   Client brief - To create an interesting photogenic space suitable for guests to feel comfortable and relaxed in, which would complement the main function buildings. To create a water feature as...

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