Inspired by Alnwick Gardens

What: A Large Garden On A Working Farm

Where: Stafford

When: March 2012

This was a large garden on a working farm.


Client brief - very keen and enthusiastic gardeners who wanted to turn a tennis court into a formal garden based on Alnwick Garden, Northumberland.


The client left it to us to use our experience, expertise and imagination to come up with a suitable and workable concept. They wanted to incorporate water with formal pathways and symmetrical planting and sitting areas.

G-Scapes used a large granite sphere with water bubbling over it into a rill flowing 8-10 metres down steps, before disappearing into a central cobbled reservoir.  From here, the water was also lifted over a stone fountain. The result was magnificent.

Symmetrical flower beds gave formality and upright oak sleepers added a see-through backdrop to a seating area and main viewpoint. Quercus Ilex (evergreen oak) hedging was planted to form a boundary and enclose the garden from the surrounding fields.


"We were delighted with G Scapes design and planning of our new garden. Having been around their nursery we were able to choose the plants we wanted. They worked hard to ensure the layout worked"