Celebrity Status

It would be very remiss not to mention the 3 important guests who visited our Garden.  Cherie Blair, together with her 2 gardeners, spent about ½ hour on our garden discussing the build with Malcolm and Daniel.  She was very complimentary and liked it a lot…….perhaps we will be asked to replicate it in Downing Street!!! 

Joanne Malin interviewed Malcolm for Radio WM.

Joe Swift, the well-known TV presenter on BBC Gardeners' World, and his camera team, spent about 2 hours filming on the garden and we were lucky enough to get coverage on the following Gardeners' World programme on the TV.

We were overwhelmed by all the very positive comments from so many people who genuinely liked our Inside-Out Garden.  In fact the overriding opinion from the public was that our garden was the best in Show. 



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