The Inside Out Garden - What Was It's Inspiration?

The Inside Out Garden recognises the increasingly popular 'staycation' lifestyle trend. The ever spiralling cost of living has encouraged people to consider spending more leisure time in their own homes and making home improvements rather than eating out or making costly moves.

With this in mind, the Inside Out Garden invites people to bring life to their garden by seeing it as an extension to their home.

The raised kitchen and seating area creates a social space for dining and entertaining while the sunken seating circle forms a focal point for relaxation, enhanced by the comforting warmth from the fire pit, and the soothing sound of water cascading from a large Cretian terracotta pot.  

Sandstone dry-stone walling, used to create height changes and to support seating areas, contrasts with the patios of natural sandstone paving, thus using a traditional building style within a contemporary urban setting.

Boundaries are created by natural wooden sleepers forming vertical uprights interspersed with cross pieces at non- uniform intervals.  Interesting contrasts are formed by incorporating dry-stone walling sections within the 'hit and miss' style sections of fencing which define the kitchen area.

The garden is softened by swathes of planting. The emphasis is on informality with an inter-mixture of flowering and foliage shrubs and perennials. These species attract bees, butterflies and other insects showing how it is possible to encourage wildlife within an urban habitat. Trees are used to add dramatic height. A selection of culinary herbs are growing in wall planters next to the kitchen area.

The main purpose of this garden is to create an extra room for busy people to enjoy and feel at home in. It is a fusion of the human and natural environments….a welcome retreat after a hectic week at work