The Task Ahead

Then the work began. 

Plans were designed, submitted and approved.  Walter Tippers Building Supplies were approached for sponsorship and they kindly offered to help with supply of materials and transport.  Throughout the whole project we were supported by the help and enthusiasm of Amy, Bill and Joe Tipper, and for this we were extremely grateful.


It was an extremely daunting task ahead of us to transform a flat, empty, featureless grassed area into a medal winning Show Garden.

Construction began in some of the wettest weather imaginable.  The site was a quagmire and working conditions were grim.  As fast as holes were dug, they filled up with water.  All the jobs took longer than planned, and our trusty G-Scapes staff worked very long hours….often in their own time.  Such was the dedication of our men spurred on by pride in their work and wanting to play their part in such a prestigious project.

After a frantic 3 weeks of planning, digging, planting and creating, the Inside Out Garden was finally completed, with about 2 minutes to spare, as the posse of judges was menacingly approaching.



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